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11 December 2006



Hallelujah!!!!! Matthew, this so ROCKS!!!!!! This is what our hearts long for...As God's people, this is our destiny, right?

In Amos 9, He promises to restore the fallen tabernacle of David. It's time, isn't it?


Keep pressing this my friend. We belong to a church that is being restored to the original intention, not to Acts 2. Such a church is yet to be seen in the earth.


Hey, Matthew! Hey, Roger!

What about that book by Fromke? Ultimate Intention? Its subject is just that!!!

That book so rocks!! Time to pull it out again.



It is a good book - and I've added it to my Reading sidebar - for some reason the cover picture doesn't come up although it does link through to Amazon where it can be purchased!


Oh - There it is...right up at the top.

=-) =-)


Great stuff, Matthew. I'm reading T. Austins-Sparks' "The Recovery of the Lord's Testimony in Fullness" about Nehemiah. It's a fantastic book. Pour forth on the Tabernacle of David!


oh, and great use of the word 'apogee' :) merry christmas


Hi, I came across your site looking for something else really. Sparks caught my eye and I was surprised to find this recent blog and take. Remarkable! It's like a breath of fresh air...especially what you said in regard to:
"Here's the thing, God's plan for restoration in the Church is not to return it to some original condition of the Church, but to the original intention for the Church in the exalted Christ."
I filled out a (typekey)registration..was approved but then it didn't go through upon confirmation? I'm waiting to hear from them. I love to read A.Sparks and am on their mailing list. Do you folks meet at home? Anyway, wouldn't mind hearing from you guys, Marie-


Thanks for the comments Marie - your comment wasn't posted until it had been moderated which is why it didn't appear straight away (something I have to do to stop spam commenting). Always good to hear from a TAS "fan"!
The link to Living Rock Church in the sidebar is to the church I am a part of. Many of the blogs in the blogs sidebar will also have a "restoration" theme to them (as well as funnies, posts on coffee, music and evangelism).


I understand; no problem cause I realize this is just necessary.
Anyway, I shot this web site to my friend and am happy to find you. We are way out in the booney's on the Big Island and hey, that's just the way it feels! -Ha- Bless you this New Year!

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