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08 May 2007



Hallelujah! As sons who are like THE SON - Holy Spirit is in us, too!!


Katie Peak

Amen! I often wonder how anybody can live without the Holy Spirit; what an awesome gift to us in all its entirety!

Richard Bentall

Matthew I have the same view as you that the seven spirits of God being symbolic of the Holy Spirit. In the he Bible, and especially the Book of Revelation, the number seven means perfection and/or completion. With this meaning of the seven in the "seven spirits" then it is not referring to seven different spirits of God, but rather the perfect and complete Holy Spirit that we need for every day life.

Every blessing


Chris Hamer-Hodges

Do you have any insight into the way the last six attributes of the Spirit are paired up?


Good question Chris. I will think about that.

Wisdom and understanding are popular parallels in the OT, but counsel and might are not. Knowledge and the fear of the Lord are linked several times in Proverbs.

Any thoughts anyone?

Chris Hamer-Hodges

The best link I could find between counsel and might is Pr 24:6

For by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counsellors there is victory.

If military victory rests more in following wise counsel than in the abundance of troops (the traditional measure of might), then a similar principle may apply in the Spirit.

The true measure of our might is in our victories; the true path to victory is in following the counsel of the Spirit.

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