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29 January 2008


Joe James

You can download a sermon a week off of the church web site. Amazing stuff.

I have really been challenegd by what I have heard Johnson preach on about praying for the sick.

The other day I went with a newly aquainted friend (who I met at an off-licence) to visit his father who was dying in hospital. He was on ICU and had a condition that kills practically everybody who gets it.

I prayed, Jesus healed! and the man was out of bed the next day and walking for the first time in over a month. A couple of days later he was discharged from ICU and placed on a lower dependecy ward.

Thats my testimony. I heard what they were doing out there in California at Bethel and thought "I want to see that happen here where I live". Sweet!

All praise to God.


Gary Worrall

Amen, it's the truth!

Joe James

Have just ordered the book and its follow on 'The power of a transformed mind'.

Can't wait to read them.

Also, your father's books were excellent. Starbucks can be a bit quiet at night so I got to read them there with a triple latte'.

Take Care

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