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07 January 2008


Dan Lush

Brilliant Matthew. Confession releases blessing and can release Gods plan for your life. Can you imagine what would have happened if Peter hadn't said what he did? God would have had to find someone else to build his church. Peter would not have been called Peter and the blessings and commission he received on that day would not have happened. So often we rob ourselves of what God has for us just because we don't open our mouths!

Paul Sunde

Great post, Matthew! I was thinking about writing something along these lines today but you beat me to it:) Have a nice week!

Richard B

Matthew - to add a different side to your post. We are required to have a personal living relationship with God and not one that has been handed down or caught up with twist and turns in legalisum (like the Jewish leaders had).

It is interesting to note from the sermon on the mount (Mat 6) Christ uses this phrase many times "Again, you have heard that it was said to the people long ago,....... But I tell you" If we confess that Christ is Lord then we will hear his voice.

~ There is alot more to this verse ~

Every Blessing


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