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21 February 2008



Awesome! I've heard a similar testimony out of Russia. Land that had been contaminated by radiation began to grow crops again once people were born again. It must have been awesome to hear that first hand account Matthew. Praise God for His covenant that commands his blessing. Increase that comes no matter what the circumstances! Amen.

Joe James



I love hearing accounts like that of the exceptional miracles. I know that a 'miracle' is still a 'miracle, but when we move from the 'usual' miracles (ie. healings, the dead raised etc) and move into the believer seeing the power of good move in the natural environment then that really gets me excited.

I have been reading John Crowders book again (Modern Day Mystics) and it is just amazing to read the accounts in there about people flying (there was one priest and he was called the 'Flying Friar' hee hee), and people today walking on water and the like.

It stirs my heart and faith to expect more, not for the sake of the 'experience' but for the Glory of God. WOW!!

I'm so glad that you had a great time.


Beth Jones

The earth is being filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God ... loved knowing about the weight & significance of God in India & am expecting to whip the dust covers off whatever 'Glory' needs revealing in Cuba!Woo Hoo

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