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10 June 2005


Chris Hamer-Hodges

Angel Delight? ;-)

Chris Hamer-Hodges

Being slightly more serious; there will be fish in heaven. Jesus ate fish after his resurrection and his best friends were fishermen.

Which fish will be in heaven? My guess is that the Monkfish will make it in, and of course all the righteous Soles! ;-)

Joe James


I will look forward to sharing tortillas with Jesus.



What about drinks: there'd better be bottles of Corona with slices of lime, Australian red wine, and Jack Daniel's & Coke.

James Palmer

Not sure about the last one...

In heaven there is no beer
that's why we drink it all here
and when we're dead and gone
all our friends will be drinking all our beer


Roger Aubrey

I guess raspberry fool will be off the menu?

Roger Aubrey

Lamb? Bit risky.

Per Filip

Looking forward to a good hot cup of coffee with Jesus in heaven. It's a heavenly drink. "My (coffee) cup overflows" (Psalm 23). (And he wants it hot or cold, not lukewarm.) Is it perhaps also what the Bible calls "the cup of salvation" (Psalm 116, 13). You great theologians: Enlighten me on this.


I agree with Per Filip - it's got to be really hot or realling cold (Rev 3:16). If Jesus went to Starbucks he would either have his coffee "extra hot" or he'd have a frappaccino (and I don't believe he'd have a skinny latte!)


Actually, slightly more seriously, will there be any meat in heaven, or will it be a return to a more Edenic cuisine? I have assured my kids that if this is so there will be trees that have fruit that tastes just like sausages.

Chris Hamer-Hodges

That's an excellent question Matthew!
If the "No more death" (Rev 21:4) applies to the animals too, as passages like Isaiah 11:7-11 would imply; then we will all be veggies in heaven :-(

I still hold out in hope, as Jesus ate meat (fish) after he received his glorified body - so it is still conceivable that we will too. But as we will no longer need to eat to sustain life, it does seem unreasonable that the animals should lay down their lives just because we like their taste.

I agree though, that it is inconceivable that the diet of heaven should be less fulfilling than the diet of eath. So if we do eat just fruit and vegetables, they will be the like of which we cannot imagine.

I guess they will have some mean salad sauces too: "A thousand times ten-thousand island dressing anyone?"

Chris Hamer-Hodges

By the way, I'm with Per Filip all the way! There's got to be coffee in heaven. If not I'm taking some in as my luxury item.


Custard creams - there has to be custard creams. And white chocolate. And ice cream - lots of it. No spiritual significance - that I know - in any of these. Just pure pleasure.

How do I stay so slim, I hear you say.


Lasagne.....please.....there has to be lasagne......oh Lord.......mercy we cry....LASAGNE!!!!!

Cerys Wood

I'm sure there will be all 'manna' of things Matthew, including the great and almighty 'Shephard's pie'!

Olive balmforth

Ithink the last comment from my lovely friend Cerys ; is so clever ,I will settle for shepherds pie, but could I have " mash " with it please

Christopher Alton

Lamb - the food of royalty.

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