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27 February 2006


Dan Lush

Nice! Happy Birthday for Saturday.

Dan Lush

Nice! Happy Birthday for Saturday.

Ruthie Lush

Happy Birthday! I will add it myself as my hubby forgot me! I had a similar sitting down problem after bike riding with my Ranger Guide unit in Norfolk. it's supposed to be flat in east anglia, but I can honestly tell you it isn't!

Geirmunn Aarland

Hello! New bike! Congratulations...
I know your problem. I startet cykling 4 years ago.
To avoid pain in your ...! Buy a cykleshort. It have to be with a good padding. When you ride, cange you positions on your seat, and put your weight on the pedals. Try to use 90 RMP on your feet. You will soon beat Arne Skagen


happy bday!! so how old are you now, 23??

Kev C

Belated Happy Birthday Matthew, sounds like you had a great day.

PS consider cycle shorts with padding in the critcal area you can wear these under normal shorts unless you don't mind looking like Max Wall! Also there are some great 'gel' seats available if you're considering cylcing anything over a few miles - voice of experience being of similar stature!!!?

PPS If you're really serious suggest investing in a small pot of vaseline too!!



I understand professional cyclists used to use a banana... not sure I want to know exactly how that works!

Kev C

Slippery customers these professional cyclist...

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