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19 October 2006


Joe James

I just love it when the Holy Spirit takes me on those types of walks.
Some of my best lessons in the School of the Spirit have been by 'Taking a left down that road'.
I also love how our coincidences increase when we obey the Holy Spirit. Sweet!!
Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

James Palmer

Thanks for that Matthew! Brilliant! :)

Richard Bentall


Your blog is a great inspiration, however your last post was 19th October and now its the 24th October. I can only put it down to a few things
1) The Holy Spirit lead you to a great place and you haven't return
2) You've been extremely busy being a great elder
3) Half term !!!

Keep the posts they are enlightening



What a walk. Good post.



Rich - yes I've been away for a few days to Norfolk, glad to know I've been missed!

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