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01 February 2007



Hi, Matthew!

I'd say, "Sign me up"...but I am already in a church like that!



Personally I would vary with (5) "restoring essential elements of early church life and practice" is the means not the goal; and I would only agree with (6) if the pragmatism and functionality is compatible with the "essential elements" of (5)!


O.K. You're an elder! Whatever you say!

Well-said, Matthew!

=-) =-)


Ha, ha!

I'm not meaning to ask trick questions: I save that for Sundays!


But no pop quizzes on those trick questions, right?! Coming from someone who works in a school....



Matthew: like you I don't like point 5. The NT church is not the pattern; it was riven by Jewish legalism and schism. The restored church is the goal.


Perhaps this is a useful contrast between renewal and restoration: any renewal movement will not contribute to the ongoing purpose of restoration if it only looks back and tries to regain what has been lost.

However, renewal will be a great leap forward in the plan of restoration if the rejection of what is unbiblical and the re-embracing of NT principles leads to a more glorious, more mature expression of the Church.

It is wonderful to see that God's plan of restoration can be traced through many renewal movements which provided a more mature base for future movements to build upon.

Sometimes (as in the case of the influence of the Pietists on Wesley) these lines of continuity may appear to pass through just one man, but they are there none the less.

From Wesley we can trace a line through methodism and the holiness movement and into the charismatic movement an into the contemporary restoration movement (a very simplified route admittedly!).

It is better to stand in a heritage of restored truth than to try to rebuild everything from first principles!

Which is why I and Roger will sing the praises of the likes of AW Tozer, T Austin-Sparks, DeVern Fromke and EW Kenyon. We mustn't lose out heritage (neither must we declare any man of God infallible and beyond challenging!)

Wow, that'e more of a post than a comment!

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