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09 November 2007


Richard B

Matthew, sorry to mention Christmas so early but another Trinitarian passage is the birth of Christ Mat 1 :18-22 [NIV] a perfect example of the Godhead working in perfect unity.

If we turn to the end of the book of Matthew, and see the great commisssion in 28:19 that we are to do spread the word of God making sure that people know about a Triune God and not a dualistic one


Joe James

Hey my Dad popped into Rock of Life on Sunday and picked up the two Vols. they are coming to visit next week.

I'm reading John Crowder's (see my blog for the link) book at the moment. Worth checking out Matthew and when I'm done with that then Revelation BABY!!

You know what its like when you know that its time to read certain books. I remember started to read Sparkes' book "The Centrality of Christ", sheesh, I had to put it down and said to myself "I'm not ready for this one yet".

Well I'm feeling pretty excited about reading these books. Tell your dad for me "Well Done" and "Thank You for your obedience to Christ".

Take Care,

Richard B


Following on from my last comments, stating that the Trinity is working in perfect unity, we only need to turn and look at creation to see how the Godhead works.

In his omnipotence, God the Father created the universe (the omnipotence and God's eternal existence is another matter and I think John sums it up in his book very well in Jh 21:25 about Christs' works). Genesis 1:1 says, "In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Here there is direct text to God the father.

Next we turn to God the Son. We know from John chapter one it teaches that God the son is the Word, and verse three says, "all things were made by him", meaning the Word who is God the Son. This is the same as the spoken word in Genesis 1:3, "and God said........" This spoken word of God the Son is there in the beginning and not a created beginning as some may think.

The Holy Spirit was waiting upon the face of the earth to fulfill the Word, this is found in Genesis 1:2.

So there you have the trinity working in perfect unity in creation

Every blessing for today


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