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30 April 2008



Why not!? Signs and wonders. Interesting they link it to their adoration and worship of Jesus.


Thanx for posting this, Matthew!
I was really blessed by it ;-)
Isn't our Lord wonderful !?!

Josh W

Hmm, perhaps. Glory to God if so, but it's too far away for me, and too easy to fake: Coloured glass? Actual oil in a bible? No recognised gem authority is in the film either. But if they are real, I reckon they should get on to selling them and using the money rather than storing them: Talents and all that! The glory of God is not just for one building!

Joe James

Can I get a Witness?

I love it!!!

More God!!!


Thank you Lord for you are the God Of Miracles everything with You Is YES AND AMEN.... I know because You are doing it on a daily basis for me and my husband and my children..... HE SPOKE AND IT WAS AMEN......

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